Kentucky WMU
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Adults on Mission is the missions education organization for adult men and women.

Contact Wanda Walker at Kentucky WMU for more information about missions for adults or to learn more about starting Adults on Mission in your church!   


Ministry Opportunities


Kentucky WMU Events for Adults 

Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting

Meet missionaries, be inspired, network with other missions-minded believers!


Leadership training offered every other summer.

Women of God Spring Retreats 


Adults do not need to be a member of Adults on Mission or Women on Mission to participate in these events. Bring your friends!

Adults on Mission Leaders


Leadership training and development for Adults on Mission Leaders is provided at Excel every other summer.

Contact your association or Kentucky WMU for other training opportunities.  

Recommended Resources 

National WMU's webpage for Adults on Mission

Monthly updates to this site include the latest news on missionaries, missions work, and new projects among unreached peoples. 

Missions Plan Book

This missions education resource for adults, offering 12 months of materials all in one place, is excellent for starting adult missions education in the church. 

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