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Monday, January 26, 2015
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BGR Bucket Project

Sub-Saharan Africa is more heavily affected by HIV/AIDS than any other part of the world.  Nearly 23 million people are living with HIV in the region.  In 2012, 1.2 million people died from AIDS and 1.9 million people became infected with HIV. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 14.8 million children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. The HIV prevalence rate now exceeds 20% in a number of countries.


In many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS has erased decades of progress made in extending life expectancy.  Average life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa is now 54.4 years and in some more heavily affected countries is below 49 years. Households are severely affected by loss of income earners, the necessity to provide home-based care for sick relatives, and orphans left behind who must be cared for by members of extended family or siblings as young as 8-years-old.


Baptist Global Response (BGR) has found that sharing a five-gallon ‘bucket of love’ may be the most effective way to open doors to share the love of Christ with these folks who are at death’s door.  BGR has researched and worked with partner organizations to determine the best resources to include in the Hospice Kits.  One kit costs around $85.  A detailed shopping list is available and nothing more or less should be included for the sake of customs regulations and a need for uniformity.  A step-by-step guide for assembling the Hospice Kit is also available so that all items will fit properly in the five-gallon bucket.


Join us in prayer for the Bucket Project.  Print and share Bucket Project Prayer Adventure news which is updated weekly. 



Shopping List

Packing Instructions

Packing Video

Bucket Project Prayer Guide

Sign up Sheet for Bucket Project Items (great for churches, sunday school classes or missions groups to use to collect project items)

Bucket Project Power Point prepared by Coy Webb, Disaster Relief Director, Kentucky Baptist Convention