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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Kentucky Changers Student Ministry Teams

Ministry Team Volunteer - Kentucky Changers has a ministry team of 4-6 young adults every year to work each project. The team helps set up at each project as well as provide other behind-the-scenes work. The ministry team also mentors younger participants as they work on projects, worship, and have free time. You can sign up to work one project or all of the projects. Ministry team members need to
· Have a relationship with Jesus Christ
· Be a senior in high school or older
· Be strong and bold in their faith
· Be involved in missions in their church or hometown
In addition to the forms required for every Changer, ministry team volunteers must complete an application form online or download a form (pdf version available here) and return it
by email at
by fax at 502-489-3257, or by mail to
Kentucky Changers
Kentucky WMU
13420 Eastpoint Centre Dr.
Louisville, KY 40223

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 Questions? Contact Peggy Murphy, Kentucky Changers coordinator