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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Kentucky Changers Adult Volunteers

We need adult volunteers on all of the week-long summer projects. If you are 21 years-old or older and have skills in construction, we need your help! All volunteers are required to complete an application, medical release form, and authorization for a background check. 

Crew Chief - The crew chief is an adult volunteer who brings construction skills and experience to a Kentucky Changers project. A crew chief commits to serve for a week as a Christian mentor for students. Crew chiefs supervise a team of 10 to 12 participants. 

Assistant Crew Chief - An assistant crew chief is an adult volunteer who brings construction skill and experience and works alongside the crew chief. An assistant crew chief commits to serve for a week as a Christian mentor for students. Assistant crew chiefs need to have the skills to take over and run the project if the need arises.

Construction Supervisor - The construction coordinator cannot oversee the work at 3-5 different job sites, nor can he or she give individual crew chiefs adequate support at all times. The role of the construction supervisor is to give on-site assistance to the construction coordinator. Each construction supervisor reports to the construction coordinator and oversees the work and activities of 3-5 crew chiefs. A construction supervisor must have construction skills in all areas.

Transportation Coordinator - The coordinator arranges transport of all crews from the school to the job site and back. The transportation coordinator provides maps for all crews with the best route highlighted.

Runner – A runner is on call throughout the day, assisting 3-5 job sites with pick-up and delivery of materials and supplies. A truck is required.

What is the cost  to volunteers?


Each volunteer is asked to pay a one-time fee of $30 each year. This will cover participation in one or all projects. Fees are used to help offset the cost of a shirt, background check, and secondary insurance. This fee will be for all volunteers (crew chiefs, assistant crew chiefs, supervisors, runners, kitchen help) who stay at the school all week. (All of these positions must be approved BEFORE the project week.) A non-participating volunteer’s spouse pays $75 to cover the cost of lodging and meals.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Download the application (pdf version available here) which includes authorization for a criminal background check, and return it with:

medical release form Word

medical release form pdf

by email to
by fax at 502-489-3257, or by mail to
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