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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Whether in college or already pursuing a career, young women can form a myMISSION group for Bible study and to support missions through education, strategic prayer and hands-on involvement. Through Kentucky WMU, myMISSION chapters can choose from several avenues of service, including Kentucky Changers, Excel training, Christian Women Job Corps, Project HELP, and much more.

Check out a variety of resources from national WMU, including blogs for every stage of a young woman's life, here.  


Kentucky WMU has several small scholarships available for women and men pursuing a higher education. The primary focus of these scholarships is to contribute to the education of students called to missions and ministry. For complete information, click here

Don't forget ...

Kentucky Baptist Campus Ministry has chapters across the commonwealth, sharing Christ with students from around the street and around the globe by equipping college-age believers to put their faith into action. Find out more at

Connect: Prayer for International Student Ministries 

Join us in prayer for International Student Ministries on college and university campuses across Kentucky. Through Connect, you can connect in prayer to pray for outreach to students from around the world. This is a vital ministry as we share the gospel with students who come to Kentucky. We are praying not only for students to come to faith, but also to be bold witnesses as they are in contact with family and friends in their home countries and when they retur