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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Annual Missions Offerings

Eliza Broadus Offering - Kentucky Missions

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering - International Missions

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering - North American Missions

Cooperative Program - All KBC and SBC Ministries


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Heritage Fund

The Kentucky WMU Heritage Fund is a permanent endowment for the purpose of developing, promoting, strengthening and sustaining the work of Kentucky WMU. The earnings of this endowment fund are used by Kentucky WMU for our vital work in missions education. You can leave a living legacy through your support of Kentucky WMU through the Heritage Fund.  

Christian Estate Planning
Do you have a Current Will? 70% of Americans do not have a current will. Yours could be out-of-date too if tax laws of chaged, you have moved to a different state, the size of your estate has changed makedly, your charitable interests have changed, or if your children's needs or marital status have changed. Need help? The Estate Plan Organizer is a great place to start!

Charitable Gift Annuity
A Charitable Gift Annuity provides the giver with an immediate income tax deduction, fixed income at excellent rates for life, and partially tax-free payments. It also helps Kentucky WMU. To learn more, visit

General Operations 
If you would like to donate to the general operations of Kentucky WMU, click the Donate button to make a direct donation via Paypal or Credit Card.

Kentucky Touch Tomorrow Today
Annually, 2.5% of the total value is distributed to KY WMU, 2% to national WMU for the Vision Fund, and .5% to the WMU Foundation. KY WMU uses the funds to produce events for children and students such as CA DayCamp, RAMCON, and Exalt/4:GO.  National WMU uses the Vision Fund to support ministries such as Christian Women’s Job Corp, Familyfest, and Project HELP. Visit