Kentucky WMU
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
missions for lifeĀ®

WMU Ministries

WMU Ministries connect volunteers to mission/ministry opportunities both domestically and internationally.

An organization for health care professionals to network with others through Bible Study and worship; participate in mission/ministry projects; encourage and support one another through prayer; prepare for a witnessing lifestyle and provide information and encouragement about mission careers in the medical field. 
Through an initiative called Project HELPSM, WMU® identifies a social and moral issue and ties in national projects that help lead the church to address it.
CWJC/CMJC seek to equip women and men in a Christian context for life, employment and spiritual growth.  For more information about training for potential site coordinators and assistance in geting a site started, contact Wanda Walker.
An outreach to our Southern Baptist missionaries and people groups that do not have clean drinking water.  
Mission Trips with WMU: MyMission, Missionsfest, and Familyfest
Missions experiences coordinated by national WMU individuals or entire families. Familyfest is coming back to Kentucky in 2017!
World Crafts
A non-profit ministry of WMU that imports handmade crafts for artists around the world. This provides for the artist and family for food, shelter, education and medicine. 
Focus on WMU
A week set aside each February to learn about WMU Ministries and organizations. Resources include videos, bulletin inserts, and resources from national WMU.