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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Ministries to Missionaries

Kentucky WMU Ministries to Kentucky Missionaries

The following are ministries to Kentucky missionaries provided by Kentucky WMU 
  • Christmas gifts of $50 to international missionaries whose home state is Kentucky
  • MK Gifts of $100 each fall and spring are provided for children of Kentucky international  career missionaries enrolled in Kentucky colleges
  • Gifts of $100 to new career international missionary appointees from Kentucky
  • Western Recorder online subscriptions upon request
  • Missionary Parents Fellowship
  • Missionary Re-entry Retreat
These ministries are funded through a special offering taken at the Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting and other WMU events.You may give to this ministry throughout the year by clicking the donate button.

Missionary Connections

International Missionaries

For information about international missions opportunities, visit the International Mission Board website.
For information about international missionaries on stateside assignment in Kentucky, contact Stacy Nall.

North American Missionaries

Visit the North American Mission Board website for information about missionaries in the US and Canada, as well as volunteer missions opportunities. 

Kentucky Missionaries