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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Plug-In Missions Ed


There's always time to share the missions story, and Plug-In Missions Ed makes it easy. Kentucky WMU children's programming leaders are compiling, writing, and editing interesting and fun 30-minute lessons that can be "plugged in" to just about any children's ministry setting: Sunday school, opening assembly, Awana, children's church, backyard Bible clubs and more. There's never a wrong time to share the story of how God uses His people to share the love of Christ with the world! Get started this week, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact Stacy Nall, KWMU preschool/children's consultant.

This web page contains links to suggested lessons by month. Some lessons are suggested at a particular time to correspond to SBC missions emphases, but all lessons may be used at any time of the year.

September - State Missions


Week One: God's Appalachian Partnership

Week Two: Kentucky Raceway Ministries

Week Three: Missions Project for International College Students in Kentucky

Week Four: Project for Literacy Missions in Kentucky

October - Hunger Relief

October is traditionally a time for Baptists in Kentucky, and across the country, to focus on the global issue of hunger. WMU's e4 (engage explore, expand, and experience) series provides up to four weeks of focused learning and application at just a few dollars for the digital download. If you've never tried an e4 study before, this will be a great opportunity for you and your students to give it a test drive. (WMU also has curricula for preschoolers, adults, and in Spanish, related to the issue of hunger relief.)

November - Showing Care and Concern


Week One: Chaplaincy

Week Two: Helping Those with PTSD

Week Three: Mission Project to Those Serving in the Military

Week Four: International Mission Study for Children - WMU offers mission study resources for all ages. Visit to learn more and plan a special international missions study for children.


December: International Missions & the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

December is the time that Southern Baptists focus on International Missions and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. WMU's e4 series provides up to four weeks of focused learning and application at just a few dollars for the digital download. Developed with simplicity in mind, this unit offers enough material for up to four weeks of customizable lessons. The unit begins with Bible study and a prayer experience. Then the children will explore the origins of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and learn how the the offering directly benefits international missionaries. Available as a digital download from the

January: Lessons to start the year

Week 2: Homelessness

Week 4:
February: Showing Love Through Missions
Week 1: Refugees
Week 4: Annie Armstrong Easter Offering - The e4 unit from WMU includes 4 weeks of lessons which may be used in March in conjunction with other resources from the North American Mission Board.  Through the e4 unit and resources from NAMB, children will explore the origins of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and learn how it helps missionaries in North America. 
March: Missions in North America
Week 1: North American Mission Study Studies for all ages available:
     Then choose from among the "Send City" supplemental lessons which may be downloaded and used with the activity booklet.

April: The Cooperative Program at Work
Week 1: Working Together: The Cooperative Program- This e4 unit from WMU includes 4 weeks of lessons about the Cooperative Program which may be used in April, Cooperative Program emphasis month on the SBC calendar. Through this e4 unit, children will learn about why CP was started and how it supports missions. Includes a mission project idea.
Week 2: Clean Water - Learn how WMU and Baptist Global Response  help to provide clean water for missions.
Week 3: Church Planting - The Cooperative Program is vital to church planting. This e4 unit from WMU includes 4 weeks of lessons about church planting and the work of church planters to start new churches. Includes a mission project idea.
Week 4: Mission Project: Birthday Party at a Nursing Home. Engage children in community ministry by hosting a birthday party at a local nursing home.

May: Missions in My Association and Beyond
Week 1: Disaster Relief - This e4 unit from WMU includes 4 weeks of lessons about Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Many Baptist associations have Disaster Relief teams and equipment and/or volunteer through the state Baptist Convention. Learn about Disaster Relief work through this e4 unit, and supplement with information about Disaster Relief work by people in your association.
Week 2: Southeast Asian Peoples - Learn what countries comprise Southeast Asia and the challenges of sharing the gospel in this part of the world. Determine if there are people from Southeast Asia in your association and pray for them. 
Week 3Missions in Our Baptist Association - Learn about your Baptist Association and how churches work together in your area. Use this lesson as part of Associational Emphasis Week (observed by the Southern Baptist Convention annually beginning on the 3rd Sunday of May).
Week 4: Missions Project:Poverty (Birthday in a Bag)Engage children in ministry to people in your community/association by preparing a birthday celebration bag for children in poverty whose family may not be able to afford a birthday cake and decorations.
June: Christianity and Sharing Christ Around the World
Week 1: Christianity - What Christians Believe - In order for Christians to share the gospel with others, it is important that we know what we believe. This lesson explores basic Christian beliefs with children. 
Week 2: Sharing Christ with People from South Asia - Learn about people from South Asia and how missionaries share the gospel. 
Week 3: Sharing Christ with People from North Africa and the Middle East (NAME) - Learn about what many people from NAME countries believe and how missionaries share Christ.
Week 4: Sharing Christ with People from East Asia - Through a skit, meet three people from East Asia representing Korea, Japan, and China. Count to 10 in each language and learn ways that missionaries share the gospel.
July: Ministry in my Community and Around the World
Week 1: Evangelistic Black Party - Learn about block parties and how they are used to shared the gospel.
Week 2: Plan a Block Party - Involve children in planning a block party for your community.
Week 3: Sharing Christ with People Who are Deaf - Learn about ministry with the Deaf around the world and how you can communicate with those who are Deaf.
Week 4: Sharing Christ with People from Central Asia - Learn about the countries that make up Central Asia and how missionaries share the gospel.
August: Christmas in August and Sharing About Jesus
Week 1: Christmas in August - Children will learn the importance of supporting missionaries and start work to collect items for a selected missionary in North America. (See Week 4 Plan for a Gift Packing Party)
Week 2: Telling My Friends About Jesus Using Jelly Beans - Children will learn how to share the plan of salvation with their friends using jelly beans. 
Week 3: Sharing Jesus with European Peoples - Discover ways that missionaries in Europe share the gospel and learn about the culture of France.
Week 4: Christmas in August Gift Packing Party - Children will discuss what they have learned about Christmas in August and prepare the items they have collected for shipment to the selected missionary in North America.