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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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RA logoRoyal Ambassadors (RA) is a missions discipleship organization for boys in grades 1-6. Under the mentorship of RA leaders, boys participate in games, sports, special events and other hands-on activities that encourage spiritual growth. Through these positive relationships and interactions, RA members become a faith-based brotherhood.

  Contact Jon Auten at Kentucky WMU for more information about missions for boys and to learn more about starting Royal Ambassadors in your church.

Kentucky Royal Ambassadors are on Facebook.  


Kentucky WMU Events for Boys*


A one-day experience for boys in grades 1-6.

Camp Courage

Overnight missions experience for boys in grades 1-12.



A one-day missions experience for boys and girls in grades 1-6.

Children's Ministry Day

CMD is a day set aside each February for children and their leaders to participate in hands-on ministry projects in their communities.

Mission Adventure for Kentucky Kids 

A hands-on mission experience for boys and girls in grades 4-6. 
*Children are not required to be a member of a WMU discipleship group to participate in events.


Royal Ambassador Leaders

WILD Camp (Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Camp)

An opportunity for RA leaders to learn and/or practice camping skills in order to more efficiently teach RA groups.


Leadership training and development for RA leaders is provided at Excel, Kentucky WMU's equipping event.

Don't forget ...

Contact your local Baptist association or Kentucky WMU for details on other training opportunities.

Recommended Resources

National WMU's webpage for RA

Information about curriculum, theme, ideas and more.

RA Resource Downloads  

RA Leader

This essential resource for leading RA is published quarterly and contains weekly session plans, leadership articles, creative activities, and ministry ideas.

RA World

This quarterly magazine for boys enhances the weekly RA experience. Written for pre-readers to preteens, RA World includes missionary and MK profiles, articles, games, and activities that correspond to sessions in RA Leader.

RA Training and Ideas

RA Blog